segunda-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2009


Duas raridades bem valiosas made in USA, vinil raro e muito caro a banda Arkay IV o lp vale ai uma nota preta USD 60.000. Aproveitem mesmo! os albuns estão separados ok!
1. I'm Back in Line
2. You're the Reason
3. You'd Be Surprised
4. Set Me Free
5. Don't Press Your Luck
6. Today's the Day
7. I Didn't Have to Love Her Anymore
8. Walk on By
9. Groovy Feeling
10. Tell Me Do
11. He Don't Love You
12. Rain, Roses, Andlelight and Wine
13. Little Girl
14. You're the One
15. I Was Walkin'
16. Girl, You've Got a Lot of Things to Learn
17. Seems to Be the Thing
18. A Crawlin' Man
19. I'll Keep on Trying
20. Hear Me My Friend
21. Another Way
22. In My Way
23. Way Back Home
24. Down from #9
25. Surprise Love
26. Demotion

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