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Formed by Michael Fennelly after the end of Millennium and Sagittarius, Crabby Appleton was one of the early seventies California rock groups signed by Elektra, along with Rhinoceros or the Wackers. Their first album was produced by Don Gallucci (from Don and The Goodtimes and Touch) and enjoyed reasonable success, allowing them to release a second album on which they used some female background vocals. Their music was characterized by Fennelly's vocals (sometimes inspired by Robert Plant) and his good lead guitar work.
Michael Fennelly (guitar, vocals)
Casey Foutz (keyboards) Hank Harvey (bass) Felix "Flaco" Falcon (conga, timbale, percussion) Phil Jones (drums)
1 Go Back 3:06

2 The Other Side 3:12

3 Catherine 2:38

4 Peace by Peace 5:29

5 To All My Friends 3:07

6 Try 3:44

7 Can't Live My Life 2:57

8 Some Madness 2:58
9 Hunger for Love 7:07

10 How Long Will It Take 3:16

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