quinta-feira, 19 de fevereiro de 2009

JPT SCARE BAND-Sleeping Sickness

JPT SCARE BAND - "Sleeping Sickness" CD '00 (Monster, US) - Recorded back in the early/mid '70's, but just seeing the light of day as first vinyl releases a few years ago, both the JPT SCARE albums (there may be more!) are now on one CD. If you can imagine 3 guys, lead axe/bass/drums, just cranking up some old equipment to 10 and jamming like crazy in 10-12 minute bursts you've got it! Lovers of Blue Cheer, Cactus, Hairy Chapter, this is your stop!

1. Sleeping Sickness
2. Slow Sick Shuffle
3. King Rat
4. It's Too Late
5. Acid Acetate Excursion
6. I've Been Waiting
7. Time to Cry

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