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On her 1975 debut, Smith was full of piss and vinegar, seriously interested in bringing together high art and low three-chord rock & roll. As a result, her free-form poetry meshes with covers of "Gloria" and "Land of a Thousand Dances," and the album centers on two long, highfalutin' pieces, including the three-part suite (warning! warning! art!) "Land." (The CD version appends a messy live take on The Who's "My Generation.") Led by Richard Sohl's piano, the arrangements don't exactly rock, and some of Smith's songwriting gets buried in its stylistic affectations (there's a great song under "Redondo Beach"'s fake reggae). But the point of Horses was Smith's persona of volume, cunning and exile, and it comes through distinctly. --Douglas Wolk .
1. Gloria: In Excelsis Deo/Gloria - Patti Smith, Morrison, Van
2. Redondo Beach - Patti Smith, Kaye, Lenny
3. Birdland - Patti Smith, Kaye, Lenny
4. Free Money - Patti Smith, Kaye, Lenny
5. Kimberly - Patti Smith, Kral, Ivan
6. Break It Up - Patti Smith, Smith, Patti
7. Land: Horses/Land of a Thousand Dances/La Mer (De) - Patti Smith, Kenner, Chris
8. Elegie - Patti Smith, Lanier, Allen
9. My Generation - Patti Smith, Townshend, Pete

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