terça-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2009


A founding member of Pink Floyd who suffered a mental breakdown in the late '60s, Syd Barrett is revered in some circles for his singular vision. While outtake recordings that have surfaced have sadly shown much of his psychic dislocation, his two solo albums he released have much idiosyncratic beauty to offer. Barrett is the second solo album, joining The Madcap Laughs as a solid representation of Barrett's innate tunefulness and bizarre, surrealist imagery. Produced by the Floyd's David Gilmour and Rick Wright and featuring Humble Pie's Jerry Shirley on drums, the album veers from lighthearted shuffling jug band tunes to the grand and majestic "Baby Lemonade," possibly Barrett's finest song. Several other Barrett staples such as "Dominoes," "Rats," "Gigolo Aunt," and "Effervescing Elephant" showcase Barrett's knack for unexpected chord changes and inventive rhythmic breaks. Ironically, Barrett's music is not some heavy "acid rock" trip but a free-spirited, openly optimistic, and folkie journey through one man's unusual mind.
1. Baby Lemonade
2. Love Song
3. Dominoes
4. It Is Obvious
5. Rats
6. Maisie
7. Gigolo Aunt
8. Waving My Arms in the Air
9. I Never Lied to You
10. Wined and Dined
11. Wolfpack
12. Effervescing Elephant
13. Baby Lemonade
14. Waving My Arms in the Air
15. I Never Lied to You
16. Love Song
17. Dominoes
18. Dominoes
19. It Is Obviou

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