quarta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2010


This is the type of the record that if fits in the category ugly layer, excellent COMPACT DISC. Nile I land on water and Its Ebony Singers had appeared in the MPB of years 60 and had at the beginning made a species of gospel to the Brazilian - but without the religious appeal of what today he is known as gospel. It was a choir of black voices with something of brejeirice in the possible most eclectic numbers, going it sertanejo (I made the Bed in the Varanda, Prevented Cattle tender) to pop international then (Tammy). Unhappyly, after almost recording two albums in the Odeon (in 1961 and 1963) - reedited in this album in the complete one - still they had recorded one or another album in lesser stamps and had disappeared. A penalty, because he is most original and renovador and he left for the posterity at least a success - I Take Sodade (" Oh! I take My homesickness That I also want to go… "), of which the staff of the old guard must remember. Nile has pleasant voice, but who of the o has touched special in some bands is Noriel Vilela and its singing voice of low - that it arrives funny in to be determined moment, but after one three musics the listener enters in the climate. Sufficiently sharpened, the group counted on still on masculine and feminine voices of diverse shades. Its unisonous almost sacro arrives to comover in mystery numbers, with a foot in our provincial folklore, as the Legend of the Abaeté, the Legend of the River Amazon, Azulão, My Graúna, Song To sing to sleep My Good, Urutau, alternating them with rearranged well Carioca samba-songs, Its Mãos and Devaneio, and until an daily pay-IE IE IE, I and You. Of deep religious, only some spirituals in the original in dated English approximately of 1865 - Down By the Riverside and Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen - that they had come back to the success in years 50 in voices as of Nat King Cole. In this climate created by estalar the fingers, it has a delicious song in Portuguese, Good Night. At a moment where to have voice very it is not valued, he is pretty to see what a beautiful choir of them is capable to make.
2 Leva eu Sodade Ouvir
(Alventino Cavalcanti, Tito Neto)
3 Suas mâos Ouvir
(Pernambuco, Antônio Maria)
4 A lenda do Abaeté Ouvir
(Dorival Caymmi)
6 Minha Graúna Ouvir
(Avarese, Tito Neto)
7 Dorinha Ouvir
(Ary Monteiro, Tito Neto)
9 Fiz a cama na varanda Ouvir
(Ovidio Chaves, Dilu Mello)
10 Down by the riverside Ouvir
12 Vaqueiro prevenido Ouvir
(Jacobina, Manoel Macêdo)
13 Ellie Lou (You left me there in Charleston) Ouvir
(Sigmam, Loose, Olias, Romeo Nunes)
14 Canção de ninar meu bem Ouvir
(Gracindo Junior, Bidu Reis)
15 A lenda do Rio Amazonas Ouvir
(Jairo Aguiar)
16 Urutau Ouvir
(Murillo Latini, Jacobina)
17 Eu e você Ouvir
(Roberto Muniz, Jairo Aguiar)
20 Nobody knows the trouble i`ve seen Ouvir
(Nat King Cole, Gordon Jenkins)

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