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Oh What Memories From 1979 Here's Matchbox With There Album Matchbox.But With A Twist Bonus Tracks........Graham Fenton Heading The Band As He Is Today & Long May He Continue Enjoy And If You Want More Matchbox Why Dont You Let Me Know In The Comments Regards Stoppy.............

Band Members......

Formed in 1971 by Sean "Houndog" Corroon, Fred Poke, Jimmy Redhead and Wiffle Smith. Since 1978, the line-up consists of Graham Fenton (Lead Vocalist), Steve Bloomfield (Lead guitar, vocals) (ex The Count Four), Gordon Scott (Rhythm Guitar) (ex The Rocking Pneumonia, The Cruisers), Fred Poke (Bass guitar) (ex Contraband), and Jimmy Redhead (Drums) (ex The Cruisers, Contraband). The original line-up was Wiffle Smith, Steve Bloomfield, Fred Poke, Wild Bob Burgos (drums) and Rusty Lupton on piano and rhythm guitar. Jimmy Redhead left in 1973. Smith left in 1977 and Lupton in 1978 to tour with Chuck Berry, and in came Gordon Scott (ex Cruisers) to cover for Rusty Lupton's departure. Rusty Lupton joined Cadillac to go on tour with Chuck Berry in 1978, after this tour Dick Callan (ex Cadillac) then joined Matchbox on guitar, sax and violin until approximately 1985, writing many of the band's B- sides.

The band's biggest hits include "Rockabilly Rebel" (Steve Bloomfield 1979), "Midnite Dynamos" (Steve Bloomfield 1980) and "Over The Rainbow" (adapted musical song, 1980). Their last Single, "I Want Out" (Brian Hodgson/Ray Peters/Tony Colton 1983) from their album Crossed Line, was produced together with Kirsty MacColl.

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