domingo, 11 de maio de 2014

Vital Lima - Chegancas (1980)

Tapecar/Som Livre 603.6018

For a long time I thought that Vital Lima was mainly a composer as many of his compositions I enjoyed interpreted by others. Then he showed up in person as guest on Lucinha Araújo' Tal Qual Ee Souand another time when he was singing as one of the various artists onColeção Engeplan Vol. 1 (both albums can be found in a parallel reality by clicking on the appropriate texts above).

Vital Lima as a singer on a career album I encountered and enjoyed today for the first time.

You are also invited to enjoy Vital Lima singing, with a few exceptions, his own compositions, accompanied by an impressive cast of musicians (you will find their names on the back cover):  

01. O Menino e o Passarinho (Vital Lima) 

02. Arame Farpado (Vital Lima) 
03. Precisava Ver (Vital Lima) 
04. Urutai (Zé Renato / Vital Lima) 
05. Boi Bumbá (Waldemar Henrique) 
06. Carambola (Vital Lima / Hermínio Bello de Carvalho) 
07. Essa Pessoa (Vital Lima) 
08. Cobra Traiçoeira (Vital Lima) 
09. Arisco (Camaleão) (Vital Lima / Sidney Piñon) 
10. Disfarce (Vital Lima / Sérgio Rocha / Sidney Piñon) 
11. Tacacá (Luiz Gonzaga / Lourival Passos) 
12. Por Quem os Anjos Cantam (Cartola / Carlos Cachaça)