terça-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2009

YO WA HA 13 - 1974

Yahowa 13 : I'm gone take you home
Higher Key Records 3308 / 1974

Originally a double LP. Great electric guitar playing. This is Yahowa's group at its best, and my favourite album. Yahowa plays the big drum (smoothly changing the rhythm at one point),screams a bit savage-like. Recommended.
"Five long, untitled tracks of flipped guitar psych represent their most thorough integration of vocals and music. At its best, Yahowa's vocals incorporate all the sounds of a barnyard revolution while the guitarist destroys himself" B.Coley
The Higher Key CD reissue its cover is a bit more clearly printed. Some might take the cover very serius. I personally think it's very funny, with some humour (see next back cover to confirm this).

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